The hijackers were members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Red Army Faction. The surviving hostages were then flown to Israel with a stopover in Nairobi, Kenya, where some of the injured were treated by Israeli doctors and at least two transferred to hospital there.

The airport was opened by the British Colonial authorities. Entebbe raid (July 3–4, 1976), rescue by an Israeli commando squad of 103 hostages from a French jet airliner hijacked en route from Israel to France and flown to Entebbe, Uganda. But their plan was foiled by the dramatic Israeli raid. Aerial photo of the city of Entebbe and the Entebbe International Airport at sunset The raid continues to be source of pride for the Israeli public, and many of the participants went on to high office in Israel's military and political establishment. As of January 2020, Uganda Airlines was making arrangements to establish self ground handling services at EBB, later that year. Idi Amin was humiliated by the surprise raid. Those who were freed were flown to Paris and London. It was the scene of a hostage rescue operation by Israeli Since 2002, international passenger traffic at the airport has increased annually, except for 2009 when the Passenger facilities include a left-luggage office, banks, The old terminal building of the Entebbe International Airport as seen from the air He became Chief of Staff of the Israel Defence Force. On this website, you can also track specific airlines for flight data such as departure and arrivals.

At about 0100 local time (2200GMT), Ugandan soldiers and the hijackers were taken completely by surprise when three Hercules transport planes landed after a 2,500-mile trip from Israel. At about 0100 local time (2200GMT), Ugandan soldiers and the hijackers were taken completely by surprise when three Hercules transport planes landed after a 2,500-mile trip from Israel. Entebbe International Airport Kampala arrivals. The hijackers - who were joined by three more colleagues - demanded the release of 53 militants held in jails in Israel and four other countries.

All the hijackers were killed. Israeli commandos have rescued 100 hostages, mostly Israelis or Jews, held by pro-Palestinian hijackers at Entebbe airport in Uganda. Among them were British citizens George Good, a retired accountant and Tony Russell, a senior GLC official, who arrived in London on Friday.

The hijackers then set a deadline for 1100GMT for their demands to be met or they would blow up the airliner and its passengers.

He believed Kenya had colluded with Israel in planning the raid and hundreds of Kenyans living in Uganda were massacred soon afterwards. Entebbe International Airport Kampala is the country’s major airport.

Runway 12/30 was now 3,300 yards (3,000 m), in preparation for services by the The Old Entebbe airport is used by Uganda's military forces. Two years later Idi Amin was forced into exile in Saudi Arabia. The Israelis destroyed 11 Russian-built MiG fighters, which amounted to a quarter of Uganda's air force. Among them was Dan Shomron, who was in overall command of the rescue operation. On 10 November 1951, the airport was formally reopened after its facilities had been extended. The crisis began on 27 June, when four militants seized an Air France flight, flying from Israel to Paris via Athens, with 250 people on board. Entebbe Airport, 1976 (Credit: GPO) The revolutionary cells The KGB documents cited above note that weaponry intended for the PFLP was delivered to the Gulf of … Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated during his second term in office in 1995. In 1976, terrorists hijack an Air France airplane, and divert it to Uganda, where they demand to exchange their hostages for fellow terrorists held in Israeli jails. Uganda's President and dictator Idi Amin arrived at the airport to give a speech in support of the PFLP and supplied the hijackers with extra troops and weapons. About 200 elite troops ran out and stormed the airport building. The hijackers - two from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and two from Germany's Baader-Meinhof gang - diverted the plane to Entebbe, where it arrived on 28 June. On 1 July, the hijackers released a large number of hostages but continued to hold captive the remaining 100 passengers who were Israelis or Jews.

The mission, originally dubbed Operation Thunderbolt by the Israeli military, was renamed Operation Yonatan in honour of Netanyahu - elder brother of Binyamin Netanyahu, who was Israel's Prime Minister from 1996 to 1999. On this website, you can view flight information display for airlines flying in and out of the airport. During a 35-minute battle, 20 Ugandan soldiers and all seven hijackers died along with three hostages.